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Sex THerapy

What is Sex Therapy?

This is a great question. Sex Therapy is a specialized type of psychotherapy that focuses on addressing concerns related to sexual function, sexual feelings, and intimacy. Sex therapy can help individuals and couples resolve various types of sexual issues ranging from sexual functioning to difficulties within an intimate sexual relationship. Often homework accompanies sessions, which usually is in the form of different exercises to complete at home.

What Kinds of Issues Are Addressed?

Sex therapy can focus on many different facets of sexuality but the more common concerns that bring clients in tend to be:

            Concerns related to sexual desire or arousal

            Concerns about sexual interest or sexual orientation

            Compulsive or impulsive sexual behavior

            Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)

            Erectile functioning concerns

            Ejaculation concerns (premature or delayed)

            Trouble reaching orgasm (anorgasmia)

            Difficulty with sexual arousal

            Intimacy concerns related to a disability or medical concerns

            Concerns regarding past unwanted sexual encounters

Are You Trained?

The short answer is yes. I completed a certificate program at the University of Michigan that provides intensive training on sexual concerns and treatment techniques. Sexuality is such an interwoven aspect of being human that it’s incredibly difficult to an expert in all areas. I still have lots of learning ahead of me and I strongly believe in being a lifelong learner.

Is Touching Involved?

Absolutely not. Sex therapists do not have any sexual contact with clients in their office or outside of the office. It is strictly talk therapy related to sexual concerns.

Should I Attend Alone or With My Partner?

It can be beneficial to attend with your partner as sexual concerns impact the couple relationship. When attending as a couple the first session is always held together with the next two sessions being individual for each partner.  If your partner chooses not to attend or you are not currently in a relationship it could still benefit you to attend sessions alone.

Is Sex the Only Thing That’s Talked About?

Not at all. Sex therapy may bring up many different concerns that don’t relate specifically to sexuality. Therapy is meant to be a judgment free space where people can feel comfortable to discuss any concerns they may have.